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Welcome to VDR-Projects

What is this?

This is supposed to be a collection of all VDR plugin repositories. Most of them are just mirrors of several other pages to create a single point where all plugins can be found.

VDR? What’s that?

You can find more information on VDR on the official website

Your’re mirroring other repositories? Why?

Well, we’ve seen plugin developers come an go. Especially in the last few years we see more developers go than new developers come. And what makes this even more problematic is that they’re not just gone. They completely vanished.

The development of the VDR software itself is still going on. And from time to time there are new developments which cause plugin to no longer compile or behave weird. And even for that we have a few people in the community who try to fix these plugins and provide patches.

Most of these patches are gathered in the German-speaking forum VDR-Portal. Well, and everyone knows how forums are like. Things get confusing really fast. Patches are spread into different threads. Thread names are not always obvious enough to expect patches in there. And since it’s German speaking only. We completely lock out the bigger international community.

And how do mirrors help?

Well, they don’t. At least not on their own. We’d like all remaining plugin developers to join this Github organization here. To help keep orphaned plugins alive and to protect still developed plugins from the same fate as these orphaned plugins.

Gathering everything on Github also encourages one-time contributions. Almost everyone has a Github account nowadays.

Protection? Sounds nice? How do you think you can accomplish that?

Github organizations have a very good hierachy for that. Organization owner is the highest position. Whoever is in this position (one ore more) can add new repository owners or repository members to repositories inside the organization. These new owners or members can continue development.

So no forks and no confusion.

Wait! You want me to give up my plugin?

No! Of course not. We just want to keep development going at one unique place where all users expect new versions. Before anyone else touches your repository all Organization owners need to be fully satisfied that either you are no longer interested or that you gave permission. We will never remove anyone’s push permission. You can continue developing your plugin later on. And you can even tell us to remove others from your plugin. You’re the boss.

I’d like to communicate with you? How can I do that?

That’s easy. If you want to take over a plugin have someone removed from your plugin or for everything else, just open an issue here.

I am a developer and want to join you

That’s nice to hear. Open an issue here. Tell us in one or two sentences who you are and what you want to achieve. If we are satisfied, we’ll give you organization member status, which gives you the ability to add new repositories to the organization.

I’d like to take over a repository

That’s also nice to hear. But that’s the point where thing get complicated. You have to convince us that the original author is either gone or is fine with you taking over. All organization owners need to be fully satisfied. After that you get repository owner status.